What is your style????????

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Many Photographers take years to develope thier style. I have been working on different layers & colors to see what I like best. I know what I like, but havn't developed a "style" yet. I like crips, clean, colorful, many different things. Trying to accomplish it is a very different story. Knowing how to add a little bit of this & less of that can be very titdus. Especially for me who is just starting out & who feels very OVERWHELMED with Photoshop!!! Here are a few examples of what I like, I am not totaly sold on all of them. But I feel it is a start. We all have to start some where right???

Feedback would be great, as I do like people's honest opions!

Maybe there is hope for me yet..........................

Saturday, February 2, 2008

As some of you know I am shooting Alicia & Dan's wedding tomorrow. (I did their engagment pictures last fall). I went to the rehersal tonight so I could get a feel of how everything was going to go. I ended up getting this shoot, which I thought turned out very nice! It is simple, yet so meaningful. Wish me luck tomorrow!!

Till later..................................

OBTW, the spell check was down, so I hope everything is spelled right...... :)