Life is a Beach

Monday, August 27, 2007

I took this last week when I was at Grand Haven.................Not all that great, but I thought it was kinda neat!

I also want to make one other note..................If you are not using Google Reader, well you are missing something great. I mentioned it before, but it is even better than what I first thought. Especially if you are a blog reader............Really you need to check it out!

Feeling Blahhh and Frustrated

Friday, August 24, 2007

Tonight I am feeling a little (ok a lot) blahhhh and a little frustrated and here is why!

#1: It is 10:00 p.m and both my kids are still up.......Ken has been out of town since Teus and won't be home until Sunday & all's I wanted was a little peace and quite. I had this whole agenda planned. Put the kids in bed (they are always in bed by 8:30 p.m) and listen to the silence, get on the computer, watch t.v.. Whatever, just so I had some "my time". Everyone knows what I mean, even if you have kids or not! After 1 1/2 hrs of listening to Brena cry I finally gave in and got her up. So while she was running around the house like a mad women, she managed to get Briar up and playing (which didn't take much) and it is WAY past their bed there went the "my time", needless to say I am a little frustrated with that.

# 2: I discovered this thing last night on the web called Google Reader. For those of you that have never heard of it, it is really awesome. I am still trying to figure it all out, but I find it truly technology greatness! It is where you can subscribe to whatever blogs or websites you want & it tells you when they have been updated. So you don't have to go through every one everyday to see if someone new has a new post. I find it most convenient for blog reading. I know it has many more options, I just haven't discovered them yet. I know that you are thinking (can't you just subscribe to someones blog with your email)....Yes you can, but not everyone gives you that option, and the ones that I am subscribed to by email, I don't get the email until several hrs later, even the next day. So maybe you are wondering why is this new discovery making me feel a little blahhhhhh??? Well, I am trying to organize my sites on here & check them all out before I add them to the Google reader and it is a bigger project then I thought! LOL!!!!

#3: I want to really start to do more photography, but I just don't know where to start! I have looked at some photographers web sites that are around my area and have emailed a few. But sometimes I think that they think I am a crazy women. As many of you know I am a curious person and ask way to many questions sometimes. Well that is kinda hard to do when you are asking someone about their business. Why in the heck would they want to tell me anything. I would really like to do an intership or something like that. Not really sure how to go in that direction either..."hi, ummm I have no schooling and no experence but would love to help you out" I am sure they are really thinking I am crazy! I need to learn it on my own, but I am just not sure where to start. School? I am so much a visual and hands on learner. I kinda feel like it is such a LONG road ahead. But I can feel this in my blood. I keep going back and forth and the path always leads me here! I am consonantly thinking about what shot to take or trying to take the kids pictures or whatever. I am on this computer WAY to much looking at web site after web site, after web blog and did I mention web site of photography and blogs of photography. I really feel I am meant to do this, but I often question it too. But I know that in the end if it is your passion and something that you put your whole heart into it pays off in the end, but it can still be frustrating!

#4: Did I mention that Ken is out of town, so of course I get asked like 10 things to do this weekend...........Like go away on "girls weekend". Which I was totally bummed about not being able to go. I guess that is the way it goes sometimes!

#5: Last but not least.................... (because I know this has been totally exciting for everyone to read)................Did I mention Ken being out of town, ya only a couple of that means I am stuck with ALL dog chores this week! As most of you know, we raise and sell labs and every other week is our week for chores (the feeding, cleaning, etc....) And I am stuck doing it all week, by myself. It isn't to bad, it is just a pain to always load up the kids and hall them over there & then they want this & that & it is hot out and well I just feel pissy about it to be quit frank!..........And to make it suck even more Ken is going away in another 2 weeks for a bear trip, and you guessed it, it is our dog week again. How did I get so lucky! HA HA

So now that you have all heard my whoos for the day, lets all be thankful that we have happy and healthy children (and for those without children, be thankful for the other things that you are blessed by). And know that we are all so blessed to have great friends and family. And that this is really small compared to knowing that my best friends husbands dad (hope that made sense) is in the hospital fighting for his life and had had a rough couple of years. So maybe we can all put out a little prayer for him to help him heal! And this all seems like silly things in life compared to that!

******Just a little FYI*********** I just read back through this & realized that I am good at many things, however, writing isn't one of them...........So sorry if all of this is a little jumbled, and apologies for future posts that I am sure will be jumpily too!

Mixed Emotions

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Opps, so I posted first, then added the pictures & it did the opposite, so my post is after the pictures!~~

I have a lot of mixed emotions tonight! I am a blogo-holic. I think I counted 50 blogs that are on my favorites list, plus I added about 10 more tonight. It is kind of a sad addiction, but true! I certainly don't read everyone everyday, but I often go to them when I need inspiration, which is often. This past week I have felt really good about what I am trying to do. I have also felt a bit flustered, because even though I get a ton of inspiration from these blogs (I am talking the photography blogs) I also think, how am I ever going to compete with them. I mean some of these people are fa nominal, exceptional. I feel that I capture good moments as well, but I am nothing like them. I know that everyone has there own vision. And that everyone is exceptional in there own way & I can only pray that I will one day be half the photographer that they are! I know I just have to keep plugging away & always practice, practice & practice. So if you guys get a chance you should check out some of my favorites, they are listed on the side. Then you can see what I am talking about.

Not Colorful Enough

Friday, August 17, 2007

I couldn't resist posting this picture.........Adorable................However, It seems to me & maybe it is only me, but a lot of my photos are not colorful enough. When I look at other photographers photos they are so bright & vibrant. It seems no matter what I do I can not get them to be that colorful. I have messed with my camera settings thinking it might be that. I have tried fixing them on my computer. But I just can't get that bright vibrant color! As you can tell this is not as colorful as I would like it......So I guess I will keep plugging away at tring to get it right!

Picture Perfect

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Now I know that this post & the last post have a similar title, but oh well. As some of you know, I have struggled for a long time on what I will call my up and coming photography business. For whatever reason I could not think of that "perfect" name. Some suggest to use my name & some have tried to give me a couple of ideas, but nothing really clicked. I have sorta felt like I have to have a name before I can start. Why is that? Like that is the only reason why I have not started to put my name out there! I am still working on getting that confidence up which has also been a struggle for me. Is it the thought of failure or even yet the thought of success? I know I have to just let it go. Take that negative energy out & put the positive in. So last night when I was thinking about the whole name thing again. I simply said to myself that it will just come to me. And when I hear it I will know it is right. So today when reading one of the millions of blogs that I read, it came to me..... Picture Perfect ............... Instantly I said that is it! Funny how life works some times.

So I thought I would throw that out to you & see what your options were. Let me know!

Trying to make it picture perfect

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The last few days I have been trying to figure out all of the different formats of Photography, and believe me there are a lot! I just started to shoot in RAW, I had always shot in JPG before. What a fantastic discovery. I knew it existed but never really understood it or took the time to understand it I guess. After I downloaded the RAW photos to my computer & "fixed" them I had to decide which format to save it in. So I thought saving it in TIF would be good. But then I soon discovered that you can't upload these to this blog ...... UGGHH!!!!! So now I have like 3 different file formats of each photo & that can get kinda confusing. So I need to find a good way to keep good quality pictures but yet still be able to email some or whatever, without having 10 copies of each.

To those of you who could give two rips about photography I am sorry about this boring post. Those of you who do, probably understand my frustration!

My Little Brena I was trying to get that deep Black & White, I think I got it but am not sure if this last photo is "too dark"
Remember to leave comments of your options good or bad!


Sunday, August 5, 2007

For anyone who is interested. You can click on the link at the top of page & file in your email address & whenever I post you will automatically be notified!

Friday, August 3, 2007

After about 2 hrs of tring to figure all of this out (not an easy task). I think I finally got it!

I took this yesturday while I was watching my friends kids. UMMMM......yougurt!

Briar's 2 best friends. For some of you that havn't seen Briar in the past couple of weeks may notice his head is shaved. A couple of weeks ago, he got a hold of some sissors & decided to cut his hair. After taking a big chunk off of the front, he proceded to tell me that he wanted all of his hair gone. So I took him into the bathroom & shaved his head! He was a very satisfied customer!!

A week of sickness

Thursday, August 2, 2007

It has been a week since my last post. It has been a busy week. Brena came down with Croup on Sunday night. I took her to the Dr first thing Monday morning. They gave her an Albuterol breathing treatment & told me to take her to the ER. By the time we got to the Er she was MUCH better just from that treatment. So they gave her a steroid & sent us on our way. This procedure is all to familiar to us. We have spent a lot of time in the hospital dealing with Briar's Croup. So looks like both of my kids are pron to it. She didn't get it nearly as bad as Briar has. And for the most part Briar's is under control. He hasn't been hospitalized in over a year for it. So we are very thankful for that!

I have spent a lot of time this week, reading and gathering information on Photography. I tried to take some pictures of Ken and the kids this past weekend, but got very frustrated. Had a hard time figuring out the lighting and such. And not much co-operation from the kids or husband for that matter! So that night I spent a few hrs on the computer reading & reading. And of course got inspired by what I saw. Possibilities are endless. I will post some pictures soon.