Mixed Emotions

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Opps, so I posted first, then added the pictures & it did the opposite, so my post is after the pictures!~~

I have a lot of mixed emotions tonight! I am a blogo-holic. I think I counted 50 blogs that are on my favorites list, plus I added about 10 more tonight. It is kind of a sad addiction, but true! I certainly don't read everyone everyday, but I often go to them when I need inspiration, which is often. This past week I have felt really good about what I am trying to do. I have also felt a bit flustered, because even though I get a ton of inspiration from these blogs (I am talking the photography blogs) I also think, how am I ever going to compete with them. I mean some of these people are fa nominal, exceptional. I feel that I capture good moments as well, but I am nothing like them. I know that everyone has there own vision. And that everyone is exceptional in there own way & I can only pray that I will one day be half the photographer that they are! I know I just have to keep plugging away & always practice, practice & practice. So if you guys get a chance you should check out some of my favorites, they are listed on the side. Then you can see what I am talking about.