Trying to make it picture perfect

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The last few days I have been trying to figure out all of the different formats of Photography, and believe me there are a lot! I just started to shoot in RAW, I had always shot in JPG before. What a fantastic discovery. I knew it existed but never really understood it or took the time to understand it I guess. After I downloaded the RAW photos to my computer & "fixed" them I had to decide which format to save it in. So I thought saving it in TIF would be good. But then I soon discovered that you can't upload these to this blog ...... UGGHH!!!!! So now I have like 3 different file formats of each photo & that can get kinda confusing. So I need to find a good way to keep good quality pictures but yet still be able to email some or whatever, without having 10 copies of each.

To those of you who could give two rips about photography I am sorry about this boring post. Those of you who do, probably understand my frustration!

My Little Brena I was trying to get that deep Black & White, I think I got it but am not sure if this last photo is "too dark"
Remember to leave comments of your options good or bad!


Anonymous said...

Summer- what did you do here to convert it to B/W? It looks great, but like we talked about, you started out with a good exposure in the first place, so that helps. The B/W looks AWESOME, the only advice would be to DODGE Brena's eyes a little, those are just a bit too dark!