Picture Perfect

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Now I know that this post & the last post have a similar title, but oh well. As some of you know, I have struggled for a long time on what I will call my up and coming photography business. For whatever reason I could not think of that "perfect" name. Some suggest to use my name & some have tried to give me a couple of ideas, but nothing really clicked. I have sorta felt like I have to have a name before I can start. Why is that? Like that is the only reason why I have not started to put my name out there! I am still working on getting that confidence up which has also been a struggle for me. Is it the thought of failure or even yet the thought of success? I know I have to just let it go. Take that negative energy out & put the positive in. So last night when I was thinking about the whole name thing again. I simply said to myself that it will just come to me. And when I hear it I will know it is right. So today when reading one of the millions of blogs that I read, it came to me..... Picture Perfect ............... Instantly I said that is it! Funny how life works some times.

So I thought I would throw that out to you & see what your options were. Let me know!