Letting kids be kids....................

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oops, I accidentally posted after the pictures!

I love to let my kids be kids. Brena & Briar both LOVE to be outside. Briar is constantly getting the hose out. Washing this or that. And Brena LOVES the water as well. If there is a mud puddle in the driveway due to a rain, there is a 99 % chance you will see my son in it! And as long as he doesn't have his Sunday best on, then who really cares? Wouldn't you love to play in the mud again? I would, to feel that free & alive. Not caring that you are going to get dirty or ruin your clothes? What a great feeling.

Here are couple of pictures of Briar & Brena playing in the hose & with the water! This is what Summer is really all about, right?