When life takes hold

Monday, September 10, 2007

So I was thinking last night, that it had been a little while since my last blog. When I looked at my last entry I realized it has been 2 weeks........YIKES!!! When I started this blog I thought to myself, I will blog all the time. Ha Ha. Life gets a hold of you & well, you just get busy. No other excuses. I did loose Internet for about 4 days (which drives me insane) NO literally INSANE. I feel so disconnected from the world. Checking my emails, my bank balance, paying bills online, reading blogs.............I do so much online, it is sort of an addiction, well it is an addiction. (sad but true). I tried to check some of my stuff on my in laws computer, but it takes FOREVER. I feel really sorry for all of you dial up users! It sucks, really, really sucks!

Other than that not a whole lot going on. Briar started school this week. And I am excited because it is finally starting to cool down. I love the cooler weather. Maybe this weekend I will get out my Halloween decorations. :) I did get to go scrapbooking this past weekend, for the whole weekend. What a treat, a nice little relaxer before ken leaves for his bear trip!

Here are a couple of pictures to see. I hardly edited these at all. I thought they turned out great. I am still not sure why the color is a little dull. In photo shop it looks really good & colorful, but on here it looks like it lost a lot of color & I am not sure why. Someone thought it might be my monitor but if it is my monitor why would it change?

I love this one!!! Can you see Briar in the background?