A Rainy Day & A Mud Bath

Sunday, June 1, 2008

You know I am crazy when I am the one suggesting to play in the mud!? Briar had a friend spend the night a few weeks ago, and I say, "who wants to play in the mud?" My kids are like "ya, let's go"! Briar's friend was like, "hmmmm, I'm not sure about that"?? I say, "oh who cares, it will be lots of fun"!! After watching us, he then decides, yup this is fun!! HA HA.....Then he was the one that went crazy! So remember if your child spends the night at my house, they will be having fun! And maybe a little dirty too, but God didn't make dirt to hurt. And believe it or not all of the dirt washed off & no stains on the clothes!!! ENJOY LIFE ....LOVE LIFE....LIVE LIFE

Washing off in the sprinkler

Yup, it was EVERYWHERE